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We're Back!!


» We're Back!!

The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows is BACK! Please come follow us over at [url]thedeepestsecret.com[/url]! The first chapter starts tonight and I'm so excited to finally have the time to tell this story. :)

» Oh hey thar

Yeah, I forgot it was Wednesday. I just have amazing days-of-the-week-knowing skills is all. Anyhoo, beginning of chapter 2, hooray! (hurray? How does one spell that?)

» End of Chapter One

This last week has been so excellent I almost forgot to finish the page. Never fear, though! Some people are indestructible, I'm just indistractable. :D

Anyway, a happy late Valentine's Day to all! Vote incentive is a random sketch from earlier today, when I was craving green tea.

» Vote Incentives!

I know there's no one out there yet, but the first vote incentive is up! So click the pretty blue button over there and claim your reward of 1000 virgins! Or a sketch of Addison and James when they first met. 50/50 chance.

» Ohmagawd!

Oh, hey! Lookie there! It appears to be a vote button! My oh my, I bet if you click it, marvelous things will happen!*

*Marvelous things not yet guaranteed, as vote incentives start NEXT week. :)

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